Twelve Photographs, One Day (August 31st, 2008)

We can't continue sleeping; the sweet dreams disappear when we wake up in the morning and open the window. You cannot ignore the battered woman standing in the women's shelter; you cannot turn your head away when you see the immigration police arresting refugees who only want the right to live; you cannot overlook that all the license plates are yellow although this highway cuts through Palestine; and what about the father carrying his weeping daughter out of their home, seized by the bank? A diamond necklace worth millions from a shop in Tel-Aviv's Kikar Hamedina will not blind you as easily as the blazing sun in a Bedouin village which has electricity poles in its sandy streets but no electricity in its homes. Every step we take we pass through this reality in which we live; we can no longer keep our eyes closed and dream a beautiful dream, we need to open them and decide. What do we do now? 

List of sites: Center of Tel Aviv, Shelter for African Refugees, Ofakim, Women's shelter, Netanya, Bethlehem-Jerusalem checkpoint, Highway 443, The Carmel sea shore, Kikar Ha'medina Square Tel Aviv, Southern Israel, Wadi Na'am, Har Homa settlement