Asylum City.Video Project 2008 - 2009

This film and video course was organized by ActiveVision for young African refugees who arrived in Israel on their own. As part of the course they made eight short movies, which are presented in exhibitions and public screenings.



Asylum City.Newspaper | 2008

Following the Asylum City photo course, ActiveVision published a bilingual Hebrew/English magazine. The entire content, photos and texts were created by young refugees from Sudan.



Asylum City.Photo project | 2008

ActiveVision initiated a photography course for a group of youngsters which had arrived to Israel as refugees from the Darfur region and South Sudan. The purpose of the course is to provide its participants with the knowledge and tools through which they could tell their story and expose their distress...



Identity Document: Photo project with children of migrant workers | 2006

ActiveVison started this photo project with children of migrant workers who were in acute danger of being deported. In 2006 the project was exhibited in Tel Aviv and got huge media covering. One week later the States decision was allowing most of the participants to stay by granting them permanent residency.




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Trailer: Asylum City.Video Project

22nd of July 2009
Asylum city Video
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